Big Red Book

Here are the answers to the Traditions Trivia found on the last page of "The Big Red Book".

1.    How many Hilltopper alumni are living throughout the world today?

2.    What unique animal can you see scampering across campus proudly wearing one of the school colors?
    White Squirrel

3.    How many presidents have served at WKU? How many of them were alumni?
    9 Presidents.  6 were alumni

4.    Who was the first student enrolled at WKU and where did his career path take him?
    Herman Donovan. He later became the President at EKU and UK.

5.    In what year were the Kentucky Museum and Library completed?

6.    WKU seems to have a haunted history. Can you name four buildings on campus believed to be inhabited by spirits of another kind?
    Rodes Harlin
    Cravens Library
    Van Meter

7.    We know why we are called the Hilltoppers, but do you know how high the top of the hill is?
    232 ft above nearby Barren River Lake

8.    What good luck charm growing on WKU’s campus was thought to ward off rheumatism by early pioneers?

9.    As a Hilltopper, you are in distinguished company. Can you name the WKU alumnus that is an astronaut? Or the father of the United Nations? Or the inventor of the Nicotine patch?
    Terrence Wilcutt
    Cordell Hull
    Dr. Frank T. Etscorn

10.    Westernisms are a major part of a Hilltopper’s life. Do you know the official title of the Egypt parking lot? Or DSU? Or Mammoth?
    Creason Lot
    Downing Student Union
    Mass Media and Technology Hall (MMTH)