The Alumni Leadership Scholars, established in 1983, is a scholarship program coordinated by the WKU Alumni Association. The original concept was patterned after the Jefferson Scholars program at the University of Virginia. The program funds scholarship for 24 student through an endowment housed in the College Heights Foundation. Each student receives a four-year renewable scholarship totaling $4,000 ($1,000 per year). The recipients must remain in good standing with the university and take part in various opportunities for leadership training.

Currently, 16 of the scholars are designated as the Calvin M. and Rosella Spivey Isbell Scholars, one scholar is designated as the Nancy Luther Scholar, one scholar is designated as the Bob and Norma Jean Kirby Scholar, one scholar is named the John and Carolyn Ridley Scholar, and one scholar, specifically from the Northern Kentucky area, is named the Tom Ellis Scholar. In addition, the Society of African American Alumni funds scholarships for four students in the program. Scholarships are distributed in $500 increments each semester, and grades are reviewed at the end of each semester.

Questions about the Alumni Leadership Scholars program can be directed to Tori Henninger, Student and Alumni Programming,  or the Office of Scholarships.