The University is proud to honor those alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their country, their state, and Western Kentucky University. The awards are based on leadership, loyal support, service, and dedication to the University and to their respective disciplines. Each year, nominations are accepted through December 1st to the WKU Alumni Association. From the nominations, the volunteer Hall of Distinguished Alumni (HODA) Screening Committee selects 15 individuals. The WKU Alumni Association Board of Directors then narrows the list to the final honorees. 

Inductees by Class Year

Inductees A-Z
Dr. Jannice Owens Aaron
Ms. Beegie Adair
Mr. Bob Adams
Mr. Jerry Baker
Dr. Don Ball
Mr. Neil F. Budde
Mr. Michael J. Card
Mr. John Carpente
Dr. Tim lee Carter
Brig. Gen. Dan Cherry
Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry
Dr. Alva Matherly Clutts
Dr. Basil C. Cole
Dr. Thomas Cook, Jr.
Mr. Romeo Crenne
Mr. Edgar A. Diddle
Dr. Herman L. Donovanl
Gen. Russell E. Dougherty
Dr. Dero Downing
Mr. Joe Dudley Downing
Mr. Bill "Doc E" Edwards
Honorable Tom Emberton Sr.
Dr. Frank T. Escorn, III
Mr. Russ Faxon
Mr. Jimmy Feix
Brig. Gen. Kenneth R. Fleenor
Mr. Gordon B. Ford
Dr. Sharron Halcomb Francis
Dr. C. Ray Franklin
Ms. Patricia Garrison-Corbin
Mr. Thomas A. George, III
Mr. Jimmie Gipson
Mr. Julian Goodman
Dr. Harry B. Gray
Dr. Richard Finley Grise
Mr. Larnelle Harris
Mr. Clem Haskins
Dr. Stephen L. Henry
Mr. Duncan Hines
Mr. Ted Hornback
Mr. Cordell Hull
Maj. Gen. Jerry D. Humble
Dr. Dorris J. Hutchison
Gen. John M. Keane
Mr. Donald M. Kendal
Dr. James G. Kereiakes
Mr. Charles W. Kleidererl
Dr. Garry Lacefield
Dr. L. Y. Lancaster
Dr. David "Doc" Livingston
Mr. Rick Loomis
Mrs. Josephine Cherry Lowman
Lt. Col. John Magda
Dr. Martin A. Massengale
Ms. Namoi J. McAfee
Dr. Paul W. McDaniel
Don McGuire
Dr. Daniel McIlvoy
Dr. William F. Meacham
Dr. Thomas C. Meredith
Mr. Billy Joe Miles
Judge John D. Minton Jr.
Mr. Marnel C. Moorman
Mr. Frank O. Moxley
Ms. Margaret Munday
U.S. Rep. William H. Natcher
Gov. Louie B. Nunnr
Mr. John Oldham
Mr. Leon Page
Judge John S. Palmore
Mr. Kenny Perry
Dr. Vicki L. Phillips
Mr. Raymond B. Preston
Ms. Nancy Quarcelino
Dr. James Ramsey
Miss Frances Richards
Col. Gary "Mickey" Riggs
Mr. Lee Robertson
Jimmy Sacca
Mr. William 'Whitey' Sanders
Dr. Gene Shearer
Mr. Herbert J. Smith
Mr. Billy Ray Smith
Mr. Greg Smith
Mr. Zuheir Sofia
Seymour Spiegelman
Brig. Gen. Victor Strahm
Col. Ed Stansbury
Mr. William Strode
Dr. Kelly Thompson
Dr. Chester Coleman Travelstead
Mr. Billy Vaughn
Brig. Gen. Herb M. Wassom
Mr. Hays T. Watkins
Mr. David B. Whitaker
Col. Terry W. Wilcutt
Dr. Margaret Claypool Willoughby
Dr. Gordon Wilson, Sr.
Mr. Norris D. Wilson
Dr. Raymond Leon Woosley