A member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors is elected to the position based on demonstrated involvement, support, and/or commitment to Western Kentucky University and the Alumni Association.  In accepting the three-year appointment, an individual agrees to fulfill the requirements and meet the responsibilities associated with Board membership.


A. Support the WKU Alumni Association with your time, energy and resources.

B. Serve as an active member of the Board by attending the quarterly Board meetings, serving on at least one Board committee that meets in conjunction with the quarterly Board meetings and by conference call, and volunteering to assist with special projects when available to do so.

C. Contribute financially to the University at your own comfort level.  All Board members are encouraged to be current donors and must be members in good standing of the Alumni Association. If not so already, Board members are encouraged to become Lifetime members.

D. Participate with the alumni program in your community whenever possible.  This might include helping recruit local chapter leadership, attending area events, talking with prospective students, and/or sponsoring or hosting special events or receptions.

E. Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized and coordinated by the Office of Alumni Relations.

F. Take pride in WKU’s history, which includes the Bowling Green Business University, Potter College and Ogden College, by serving as a living representation of Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry’s motto “The Spirit Makes the Master.”

The Role of the Alumni Board
A. Guide, foster and develop WKU’s alumni program by overseeing the direction of the WKU Alumni Association.

B. Develop the vision and conduct long range strategic thinking for the WKU Alumni Association.

C. Assist in securing the resources necessary for supporting the programs of the Alumni Association.

D. Support the mission of Western Kentucky University.


1.  What is required of a Board member?
Please see the job description which lists specific details.  In short, requirements include attendance at quarterly meetings, your input on programs of the Association, and your support of Western Kentucky University.

2. What qualities should a Board member possess?
Board members must have demonstrated a fondness for their alma mater, have the ability to support WKU, and can influence others to impact the future of this University.  Simply put, Board members are well respected within their respective communities and professions and are role models for their peers.

3. Is a Board member responsible for his/her own travel arrangements, lodging, and    other expenditures?
The Alumni Association only budgets a small line item for Board expenditures, which includes board materials, meeting space, and meals for the Board meetings when necessary.  All other expenses are the responsibility of the individual Board member. 

4. Are Board members required to attend every Board meeting?
We would love to have perfect attendance at every Board meeting.  However, we are also realistic.  Time commitments, costs of transportation for each meeting, pressing items at work, and a host of other things will always require consideration.  However, regular attendance is encouraged.

5. How often will the committees meet?
Most committee meetings will be immediately prior to the Board meeting during the summer and winter quarterly meetings, and by way of conference call between quarterly meetings.

6. Are Board members expected to give financially?
Yes.  We hope all of our alumni will financially support the institution, and they will definitely look at the Alumni Board to be role models.  We request 100% participation from our Alumni Board.  The size of the gift is up to you, and we hope you will significantly support our efforts, but your participation is what is most important.