Many of us defined our identity during our years on the Hill while we received the tools necessary for the success of our future. The Society of African American Alumni was formed with an interest in solidifying African Americans who attended WKU around the greatness of their experience at WKU.  Over the years, it has become a great venue for alumni to reconnect with that college experience and with the people with whom they shared the experience.

The Society has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception.  A great benefit of this growth is a more engaged African American Alumni base with the entire WKU community.  However, there is still work to be done.  We are continuously fundraising for the Society scholarship fund to benefit current WKU African American students.  We also seek to build mentoring programs to encourage and assist current students to complete the path to graduation and become a member of the alumni family.  We host and participate in several events that are designed to mentor and encourage current and future students.  The attendance at Homecoming has grown each year, and this year’s events promise to be even better than ever.  These things are possible because of the growing number of contributing members of the Society of African American Alumni.

Join the WKU Society of African American Alumni family, and participate in any way you can.  The generosity of your membership will be used in the most positive way, and the value of your participation is immeasurable.

For more information, contact SAAA President Marshall Gray at or Laura Smith, WKU Alumni Association, at  or 270-745-4622.