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WKU Augenstein Alumni Center

Wilson-Gregory Fountain

Big Red Statue

The exterior of the Augenstein Alumni Center was designed to complement the architecture on the main campus of WKU, from historic buildings such as the Kentucky Building and Cherry Hall, to newer constructions like Gary Ransdell Hall. The façade features a pitched roof with limestone wraps and quoin corners, along with an open upper loggia above the main entrance, with a view up the Hill toward Van Meter Hall. Wrapped in limestone, it serves as a backdrop for the Wilson-Gregory Fountain. WKU Alumni Square sits adjacent to the Augenstein Alumni Center and Houses a life-size statue of WKU's famous mascot Big Red gifted by the WKU Alumni Association Young Alumni Council. This is an ideal location to take a picture of Big Red with the Augenstein Alumni Center in the background.

Augenstein Alumni Center First Floor

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WKU Museum




WKU Tile Mosaic


The two-story Calvin M. and Rosella S. Isbell Atrium, provides a comfortable venue for receptions, events, entertainment, and social gatherings.  Within the Atrium, the two-story stone Darlene and R. Timothy Sinks Grand Fireplace was designed to be reminiscent of the Faculty House Fireplace. The mirror above the fireplace, presented by Joyce and Tom Hart, is beautifully framed and, when desired, can become a high-quality television that offers both form and function. The newel posts of the staircase are custom-carved cupolas, which were styled after the Cherry Hall cupola. Beneath the staircase is the Marc Satterthwaite Atrium BarTo the left of the Atrium Bar is the Augenstein Alumni Center Donor Wall, which records the names of the more than 1,000 donors who contributed to the project, and the Farmer’s National Bank Exhibit Gallery, which houses rotating exhibits showcases various artistic and photographic talents of WKU alumni, faculty and students. 

At the entrance of the WKU Museum is a six-foot water jet etching of the University seal, presented by the Honorable Dale Ross. Three exhibit cases – provided by Kreis and Betty McGuire, Kris and Todd Wilkerson, and David and Miki Wiseman—house collections of memorabilia from the rich history of WKU and its alumni. 
Adjacent to the museum is a meeting room gifted by Wilma Klein in memory of William and Chloe Howard and Hank Klein.  This inviting space includes lovely furnishings handcrafted by renowned furniture maker Hascal Haile. 

The ballrooms, named for beloved former WKU Alumni Association executive directors Jimmy Feix and Lee Robertson
, are spacious rooms adorned with rich carpeting and fine fixtures. To obtain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, many of the building’s materials, the sources of the materials, the construction process and even the end use of the building reflect the WKU Alumni Association’s commitment to sustainability. The Terrace, a gift from Debbie and Roger W. Casalengo will offer a pleasant overlook to the State Farm Courtyard and at its entrance will will host a life-size statue of Big Red—sculpted in bronze by Russ Faxon.  The Big Red statue, the result of a fundraising project of the Young Alumni Council, will stand on a Red Towel constructed of flagstone originally used in the Kentucky Building. The large entry corridor features windows and window seats to the right, with a view out to the Terrace and Courtyard.  The window seats were provided by the Dennison, Pedigo and Rush families. 

exquisite tile mosaic, gifted by Ruth and Fred Skaggs, is composed of more than 200,000 tiles and spans 300 square feet.  The WKU Mosaic was created by Emily Trabue and whimsically depicts various campus locations and events from WKU’s history. 

Augenstein Alumni Center Second Floor

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Hall of Inspiration


Living Room


Executive Library


TopperTalk Call Center

Executive Dining Room


Board Room


On the Grand Staircase is the beautifully restored grandfather clock, built by Hascale Haile and gifted by Linda and Garry D. Watkins. The second floor Mezzanine, provided by Donald J. and Jennifer W. Greulich, overlooks the Atrium and serves as lobby space for the Guillaume Executive Board Room and the Watkins Auditorium. The Mezzanine also houses the Internet Bar provided by Scott and Andee Crutcher and serves as an entry point for the Hall of Inspiration. The Mezzanine also serves as the entrance to the Balcony, which offers a spectacular view of campus, as well as the Fountain below.

Hays T. and Betty J. Watkins Auditorium, which offers tiered seating, workspaces, excellent audiovisual capacity and electrical and network connections for up to 75 guests.  The comfortable black seating features the red WKU logo, and the permanent tabling depicts the WKU logo within the wood. A custom wooden-etched seal hangs on the main wall, and the University’s motto of “The Spirit Makes the Master” is prominently featured. The Auditorium welcomes all prospective students to WKU, as well as numerous classes, speakers and guest lecturers. 

The Hall of Inspiration recognizes members of the WKU’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni, and celebrates the many contributions our alumni have made to society.  The glass-enclosed cases are themed to represent notable alumni in various categories.  These cases are provided by the College High Class of 1963, Matt and Ann-Taylor Fones, Ruth and Dr. Martin Massengale, the Music City Alumni Chapter, the Society of African American Alumni, and the Thirteeners. 

The Mutchler Family Living Room, gifted by Dr. Bradford E. and Phyllis Mutchler, is located just ahead on the left.  The room’s pocket doors pay homage to the doors in the living room of the former President’s Home and original Craig Alumni Center (CAC).  The unique homelike area includes informal seating, including chairs refurbished from CAC, and a small dining table, named by Tom Redford, that was used by Dr. Kelly Thompson when his family lived in CAC during his administration. 
On the far wall is a fireplace, a replica of the one in CAC, gifted by the Greater Louisville Alumni Chapter.  Similar to the one in the Atrium, a mirror television was provided by Barbara Schocke Thomas, M.D., and Christopher Lee Thomas. In addition, a built-in bar area, gifted by Bill and Amanda Sinks, houses unique and rare Kentucky bourbons.

Adjacent to the Living Room, the Bob and Martha Jean Owlsey Executive Library, features wood flooring, wood casework and a coffered ceiling. Three walls offer floor-to-ceiling bookshelves—named by Linda (d.) and Ron Miller, Beverly and Roger Mills Parrish II, and Judge Brent and Sandra Potter—which are filled with books and publications written by WKU alumni, faculty, staff and students.  The Library also houses a complete collection of Talisman yearbooks, as well as bound issues of the College Heights Herald and WKU SPIRIT.  Comfortable seating includes a beautiful brown leather sofa and an original chair that was originally in the lobby of Potter Hall in the early 1900s. 
The Executive Library’s light sconces, original to Gordon Wilson Hall when it was built as a library on campus, were retrofitted for this room.  On the center wall hangs a replica of the original campus master plan that was hand drawn by architect Brinton B. Davis when he and Dr. Henry Hardin Cherry, WKU’s first President, planned the school’s historic move up the Hill.  The library also houses game tables, as well as custom chess and checkerboards handcrafted by Roger Parrish.  In addition, an art television was provided Tim and Laura Rhea. The Executive Library boasts one of two entrances to a large outdoor patio, complete with built-in grill and patio bar provided by Julie Harris Hinson.

Student callers utilize the Leigh Roy Bell TopperTalk Room as they make annual calls to WKU alumni and friends.  Gifts from alumni and friends provide operating capital for departments and programs to purchase resources such as technology and training necessary to prepare graduates for the highly competitive marketplace they face upon graduation. 
Adjacent to the TopperTalk Room is the Gerald W. Fudge Employee Lounge/Inspiration Room, which provides a private break area for staff and TopperTalk student callers and offers a second entrance to the outdoor patio.

The stylish and functional Dan and Anne Greenwell Executive Dining Room offers a beautiful setting with rich fixtures, including a specially designed stained glass chandelier, custom crafted by artist Marvin Jarboe.  The Dining Room Table, gifted by Melinda and Jonathan L. Rue, is custom-designed to contain an inlay of the WKU seal.  Also within the Dining Room, the China Cabinet, made possible through a gift from Howard A.  Pincus, provides a spirited décor and houses a hand-painted WKU china service, which was created by an artist who has crafted china for the White House. The Dining Room also features artwork by Joe Downing, courtesy of the Baker Museum. 
Like the Library and the Living Room, the Dining Room space truly reflects the concept that this facility is a home for WKU alumni. These unique and varied spaces can accommodate different types and sizes of events, and reflect a special place that is much more than a typical cookie-cutter event space.

You can exit the Dining Room into the Ann and Rick Guillaume Board Room, the premier campus choice for board and committee meetings. Featuring a palladium window and elegant carpeting and finishes, the room offers multimedia capabilities and hosts table seating for up to 25. In addition, a custom glass-etched rendering of the WKU Seal hangs on the main wall. 
The Board Room offers direct access to the John and Carolyn Ridley Veranda, set at the front of the building and offering a spectacular view of campus, looking up the Hill toward Van Meter Hall.  The railing along the Veranda has a piece of the WKU logo hidden within it, a design that is mimicked in the other railing of the facility. You may exit straight through the Veranda, return to the Mezzanine, and proceed straight ahead to the elevator, provided by Catherine and Dr. Harry C. Stephenson.  The elevator not only provides service to all three floors, it is uniquely WKU with decorative walls, Red Towel buttons and WKU music.  In addition, a large WKU seal graces its doors.

Augenstein Alumni Center Third Floor

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Red Towel Travels Photo Mosaic


Conference Room

Exit the elevator onto the third floor of the Augenstein Alumni Center, which houses offices for the WKU Alumni Association, the WKU Foundation and several administrative departments in the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.  The Jim Richards Reception Area, named in honor of the former Executive Director of the WKU Alumni Association, offers a warm welcome to visitors, and guests can wait in stadium chairs original to E.A. Diddle Arena. The Big Red Photo Mosaic, provided by Michelle Mattingly Wells, includes nearly 2,000 photos of Red Towel Travels from around the globe and a larger-than-life depiction of Big Red himself.  In the corner, a custom table has been crafted from part of the basketball flooring and the basketball rim that former student-athlete Ty Rogers used to make his buzzer-beating, game-winning shot against Drake in WKU’s 2008 Cinderella run in the NCAA tournament.  A custom WKU Louisville Slugger Bat hangs on the wall, with a message that reminds employees that every job is critical to the overall success of the team. Adjacent to the Reception Area, the Donald L. Smith Conference Room, named in honor of the Executive Director who oversaw the entire AAC project, serves the needs of staff housed in the building.  As its focal point, a Conference Table, provided by Paul and Ann Calico, is constructed of wood from the original playing surface in E.A. Diddle Arena.  Used from 1963-2003, the floor witnessed a combined 752 wins from the Hilltopper and Lady Topper Basketball teams.  The table’s surface has been painted to mimic the current Diddle Arena floor.


For information on holding your next event at the Augenstein Alumni Center, please contact us at 270-745-1908.